Flux PU Climbing Holds

Metolius Climbing Flux Complete Set 40 holds

Flux Complete Set 40 holds

The Flux are a unique set of holds that will be versatile and friendly on all types of terrain. Inspired by the drippy, "liquid" look of cooled Oregon lava rock, these holds will have surprising grip positions as well as some fun footwork opportunities. The Flux are intended to be used as difficult holds on fairly steep terrain however, some fun can be had on lesser angles as well. XS to volume sized Large. 40 holds in full set. XL sizes to come.

  • Hardware not included
  • 12 industry standard colors available
  • For pricing contact info@metoliusclimbing.com or your local sales rep
  • Orders ship in approximately 15 days or 30 day for orders over 30 sets
  • $250.00 minimum order