Monster Webbing slings are a custom blend of materials (nylon/Dyneema®) yielding an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. Monster Slings exhibit excellent mechanical properties including high tensile strength and excellent abrasion resistance. The Dyneema® fibers also lower the amount of water absorption, making them ideal for alpine rock, ice and mountaineering applications.

  PAS Alpine PAS Ultimate Daisy Anchor Chain
# of Loops 5 5 11 12
Harness Loop Yes Yes Yes No
Total Length 38" 36.5" 45" 44"
Strength 22 kN 14 kN 22 kN 22 kN
  Dedicated personal tether, shorter than a daisy chain with less adjustability, for less weight and bulk. Full CE/UIAA sling strength for maximum safety and versatility. Lighter and more compact version of the PAS. However, the 14 kN strength means you can't use it as a sling or anchor equalizer. Greater length for full daisy chain functionality. Shorter loops and more of them for finer adjustability. Designed specifically for equalizing anchors.