Simulator 3D Training Guide

Ten Minute Sequence

The 10 minute sequence consists of a series of tasks performed each minute, with the remaining time used to rest until the start of the next minute. It is an excellent format for training both strength and stamina in the same workout, for improving your recovery, or just for warming up. It is also a great way to simulate the demands of your current project. We have included three sample routines (beginning, intermediate & advanced), but the ten-minute sequence is most effective when you custom tailor it to your own personal needs. Be creative and don't limit yourself. It could be five minutes or thirty minutes; you could do it in 45 second cycles or two-minute cycles. Experiment with your training and keep it as varied as possible.

Time Entry level routine Intermediate routine Advanced routine
10 second dead hang, deep flat edge (7) 25 second dead hang,
medium edge (5)
25 second dead hang shallow edge (6), 5 pull-ups three finger pockets (9)
2nd minute 15 second dead hang + one pull-up, outer jugs (1) 20 second dead hang, flat slopers (2), 3 pull-ups flat slopers 5 offset pull-ups, pockets (15 & 12), reverse holds repeat
2 offset pull-up (1 each arm) center jug (14) & deep three finger pockets (4) 15 second bent arm hang, shallow edge (6) & 10 knee raises, jugs (1) 45 second dead hang, extra shallow
edges (11)
15 second dead hang, extra deep 3 finger pockets (9) 15 second dead hang flat slope (2), 15 second dead hang round
slopers (3)
5 offset pull-ups, round sloper (3) & deep pocket (4), reverse holds repeat
12 second dead hang flat slopers (2) & 5 knee raises outer jugs (1) 20 second offset hang , jug (1) & shallow pocket (17), reverse holds - repeat 10 second dead hang, x-shallow edges (11), staying on, campus to three finger pockets (9), campus to shallow edges (6), campus to flat slopers (2),
hold for 15 seconds
16 second offset hang / (8 sec per side), deep pocket (15) & shallow edge (5) 15 second offset hang, pockets (4 & 9), reverse holds and repeat 15 second one arm hang, round sloper (3), rest 10 seconds, repeat other arm
3 pull-ups outer jugs (1) 4 pull-ups, medium edges, 10 knee raises any holds 5 L-sit pull-ups (bend knees if you have to), jugs (1), 20 second bent arm hang (elbows @ 90), deep two finger
pockets (12)
8 second bent arm hang (elbows @ 90),
round slopers (3)
30 second dead hang,
deep pockets (7)
20 second slightly bent arm hang, shallow 3 finger pocket (8), stay on, bump to x-deep three finger pockets 25 second
dead hang
1 pull-up & then 10 second hang, ext-deep 3 finger pocket (9) 10 sec one arm hang jugs (1), repeat other arm 10 second hang center pockets (18 & 17), reverse holds repeat, three power pull-ups (use weights or helper for resistance, should just be able to complete third pull)
10th minute dead hang to failure,
any holds
5 pull-ups deep edges (7), without dropping off, bump up to round slopers (3) & dead hang till failure 8 fast pull-ups, jugs (1) (keeping form perfect), dead hang round sloper to failure (fighting hard!)
Totals 7 pull-ups / hang time = 1:26 + final dead hang (ok to use feet on chair to lower resistance, place 1'- 3' behind plane of board) 12 pull-ups / 20 knee raises / hang time = 3:30 + final dead hang 33 pull-ups / hang time = 3:38 + final
dead hang

Warning All Training Board Users: Training on a hangboard carries risk of injury to fingers, arms, shoulders and the joints connecting them. Take every precaution to avoid damage to yourself; warm-up, stretch, don't overtrain and listen to your body. Remember, even under the best of circumstances, injuries can occur. In addition, however you mount your board, be sure that it cannot move in any direction. There should be no possible way for the board to come down while training.