ONLY Use mild soap and water to clean or disinfect climbing equipment. ONLY wash climbing equipment by hand and ONLY air dry. Do not use clothes washing machines or dryers, dishwashing machines, or any other type of washing machine or external heat source.


  • Bleach or any product containing chlorine
  • Alcohol or any product containing alcohol 
  • Hydrogen peroxide or any product containing hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia or any product containing ammonia
  • There is a wide variety of household and industrial cleaners and disinfectants. Do NOT use any of them to clean or disinfect climbing equipment.

Any cleaner other than mild soap and water can damage webbing, rope or other equipment. The damage may not be visible.

Damage from improper cleaning and disinfecting can be serious enough to cause ropes, harnesses, slings and webbing to fail well below the rated strength.

Improper cleaning of climbing equipment voids the warranty.

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