When we introduced plastic holds in the 80's people wondered, who is going to climb indoors? All these years later with over 750 holds to choose from, we know plastic-pulling is here to stay. To suit your needs we make 12 different lines of bolt-on holds in a variety of sizes plus a wide array of specialty holds like Inside Outs, Wood Grips, Colonettes and numerous screw-on features. For home users and smaller gyms, we offer Mega Packs in four different configurations. If you prefer to browse our climbing hold and training equipment selection offline you can download our climbing hold catalog.

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All Metolius climbing holds feature the following:

  • Strong, flexible Fusion Resin to resist breakage
  • Steel washers in all bolt-on holds for increased strength and durability
  • Bolt-on holds, except the Micro, have a wire insert to help keep them intact in the event of breakage (TUV 3.5.2 compliant)

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