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The most advanced and safest harnesses available. We have all but eliminated the concept of low-strength components. By engineering safety into each and every harness, we hope to eliminate basic mistakes, which can and do result in injury or death. Additionally, our patented adjustable-rise system allows you to adjust this critical component to your exact dimensions. This system is unique to the Safe Tech line.

  • Engineered to provide every possible extra margin of safety
  • Each component has been designed for maximum strength without excessive weight or bulk.
  • All structural systems of the harness have been made as redundant and error-proof as possible.
  • Wherever possible, each component is engineered to withstand a load of 1000 lbf (4.5 kN).
  • Non-directional tie-in points maintain their strength even if the rope is routed incorrectly.
  • Locking speed buckle (never slips or loosens).
  • The patented 3-D system adjusts rise length and leg size to keep you upright and in-balance in a fall (except Comp).