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Roll Up Stick Clip Kit
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Roll Up Stick Clip


The world’s most compact stick clip! Revolutionary, composite technology allows a lightweight, rigid, 3m (9.8’) pole to roll up into a super-compact, 95mm x 115mm (3.75”x 4.5”) package.

  • Weight: Kit = 28 oz., Pole = 21 oz.
  • Kit Includes:
    1.) 3m (9.8’) composite stick clip pole with universal end-fitting
    2.) US painter’s pole thread adaptor - accepts Superclip™ attachment (Standard and Rescue) or a wide variety of brushes, broom heads, etc
    3.) ¼-20 Camera Mount Adapter - Turn your stick clip into a camera extension pole that works with GoPro and other similar camera mounts
    4.) The Superclip™ - The original and best option for clipping bolts and retrieving carabiners/quickdraws. Works with any non-locking carabiner from the FS Mini, to ovals
    5.) Carry Bag
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